Welcome to the JF-Redress scheme registration.

The JF-Redress scheme is administered independently of the Jesus Fellowship Community Trust (JFCT), is operated from an office in Daventry and is run by a team who have not been associated with the JFCT or any of the churches, houses, or businesses previously associated with the Jesus Fellowship.

Because of this independence the JF-Redress team holds no files which have been created about the scheme in the past.  This means that if you have registered for redress in the past, you will need to register again.  We realise that this is not ideal for you if you felt you had registered before, but it is critical that the administration of JF-Redress is independent from the JFCT. 

It has taken some time to design the JF Redress process and it is still undergoing legal scrutiny.  There will be a time lag between registration and claim handling and we are not able to give you claim handling dates at this time.  Be assured, the JFCT is absolutely committed to redress. 

Please fill in your contact information below.  We will receive your details and give you a unique reference number which, after we have verified you, will replace your name for all claim handling. 


This will protect your confidentiality.

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JFRedress is a redress scheme offered by the Jesus Fellowship Community Trust.